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Sydney / Canberra - Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Had a good sleep. The maid knocked on the door at 8am and woke us up!! Isn't this supposed to be an airport hotel where people rest? Breakfast wasn't included so we headed home at about 9ish. We stopped in the Southern Highlands for a Maccas and Martin Bonsey walked in on his way to Sydney airport, going overseas for six weeks with Joan. Small world.

Everything okay at home - piles of washing and ironing to do - having trouble getting back into a routine. Took the hire car back and drove my newly fixed car - seems fine. A couple of paint spots on the boot that have to be polished out. Went to dinner at Marcia and John Belchers, with Jeff and Zosha Smith. Very nice invitation but on the way there I started to get achey joints and faded towards the end of the night. I think I have caught what Phil had.

Wednesday, ify - Thursday, in bed - Friday, coming good.

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Kuala Lumpur / Sydney - Monday, 29 August 2011

rain 30 °C

Up at 5.15 am, adequate breakfast and on to the shuttle bus to the airport - 5 minutes drive. Nervous about excess luggage - our bags together weigh 50 kgs instead of 40, but the check in girl didn't bat an eye. Phew!

KL airport is huge and so amazing. We caught a train to our departure gate. The flight left on time at 9am for a 6 1/2 hour day flight to Sydney. It's great flying during the day. We try to do it all the time. It's much better than trying to sleep on planes. I watched "Something Borrowed" and "Little Miss Sunshine". We landed at 7pm ish and went through customs with my tulip bulbs in china clogs but they took the bulbs off me and Dan's tree bark pencil. We picked up the hire car,checked into the Mecure Airport Hotel, had a beer and pizza and now going to bed.

I bought some Dior perfume mini packs duty free on board the flight. The Bombay Sapphire gin at KL and Sydney duty free was $30 a bottle, so I got it for half price at Langkawi.

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Langkawi Island /Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia -Sun, 28 Aug 2011

rain 30 °C

Looked reasonably fine at breakfast, although overcast, so we thought we would get a taxi to the cablecar and semi circular bridge. Then the storm hit, so we all spent a couple of hours in our rooms, resting. i wish the sun would come out as our room overlooks a magnificent bay and I am waiting to take photos of the blue sea and palm trees. Phil has a cold so had a big snooze. At lunch time, we decided to brave the weather and get a taxi to the other side of the island where the resort hotels are. The resort hotels look okay but are quite isolated. At least at Koah, the Bayview Hotel is in the middle of a shopping area and is very close (by taxi) to two very cheap shopping centres. The taxi dropped us off near some restaurants and then a huge storm arrived and it just poured and poured, with gale force winds. We had lunch in a Turkish restaurant (!) And finally could order "humus". They had never heard of it in Turkey. The rain and wind just didn't let up and when the restaurant phoned for a taxi for us, it took over an hour to come, because due to the storm, there were several trees down over the road and lots of local flooding.

We finally got back to the Bayview, packed our bags, said goodbye to Judy and Graeme and caught a taxi to the airport. Arrived at the airport at 5.45 pm for our 7.30 pm flight to Kuala Lumpur only to be told that "due to a technical problem" the flight had been cancelled. They put us on another flight leaving Langkawi at 9.40 pm and they gave us a 10 ringet voucher each for dinner. Finally arrived at the Concorde Airport Hotel, KL by midnight. The room was so clean and fresh and nice and the bed was great, so quickly into bed for an early rise tomorrow for the flight to Sydney.

Judy and Graeme didn't like this hotel. They said it was like a prison camp, but we thought it was good. It was just an airport hotel, but was clean, fresh and modern.

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Langkawi Island, Malaysia - Saturday, 27 August 2011

rain 30 °C

Last night hopped into bed at 10ish and read until 11 pm. Not tired but decided to bed down. Still awake at 1 pm so decided to get up and tiptoe into the lounge room, closed the connecting door and read for a while until I got tired. Phil came looking for me at 2 am so I got back into bed and he started fiddling around with suitcases, lights etc, so it was 3 am before we got to sleep. Woke up at 7.15 am, feeling okay; not tired at all. Text message from Jessica and Peter to say that Henri Ryder Johansen was born at 6.54 pm on Friday, 26 August - 9lbs 7ozs - 54 cm long.

After breakfast, we went back to the shopping mall and I bought some lovely baby clothes for Henri - $2 a pop. Baby clothes are very cheap in Malaysia and lovely. I also bought him some jeans and a shirt. They were a bit dearer but with 50% off in the sale, they were still reasonably cheap.

Back to the hotel for lunch and were going to the cable car and semi circular bridge when it started to rain (again) so we spent the afternoon in our rooms, resting and reading. Met for happy hour and snacks, then walked down to "Rat Alley" to check the duty free price of Bombay Sapphire for Mikie and Marl. It was $15 AUD so I bought a bottle - much cheaper than Sydney duty free. There were half a dozen buses at the shop, all over from Thailand, just going crazy buying everything in bulk and packing it up in boxes for the 2 hour ferry ride back to Thailand. Just incredible. We caught a taxi to "Charlies" restaurant by the water. Very nice. We all enjoyed our meals. Might go back there tomorrow for lunch.

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Langkawi Island, Malaysia - Friday, 26 August 2011

rain 30 °C

Arranged to have breakfast with Graeme and Judy at 9 am. We were woken up at 9.10 am by Graeme knocking on the door, so I guess you could say we had a good sleep. Phil was up at 4.30 am scratching around, but I slept all night. Breakfast was very average - not much to choose from.

After breakfast we caught a taxi to another shopping centrre and Judy and I bought clothes for our grandchildren; Graeme bought a pair of shoes; I bought a pair of sandals and Phil bought a cabin bag and another watch!! Came back to the hotel for lunch and arranged a "mangrove" tour from3.30 to 5.30 pm. Our driver took us to the river and we hopped on our boat and went slowly up the river looking at the mangroves. Very pleasant. Stopped at a fish farm and watched them feeding a lot of different varities of fish.




Continued on and went into the crocodile cave and then watched the big eagles feeding.

It then started pouring rain and we all got sopping wet. Put on our life jackets and decided not to go to the Andaman Sea as the rain was very heavy and it was probably too dangerous. We visited the bat cave. It was very dark and slippery but we did it and got even wetter.


Came back to the hotel looking like drowned rats, had a shower and happy hour and then had dinner in the hotel. This is supposed to be the dry season. What is going on?


The sky over the bay is stunning, but I want some sunshine shots please!


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